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What constitutes an Asshole?

I keep my eyes open, though it isn't really difficult to tell the assholes from the good guys. How can you tell if you or one of your friends is an asshole? Check out the list below. If you are guilty of any of the following, you are an asshole!
  1. If you submit your homepage to any one search engine more than are an asshole!

  2. If you submit your homepage as NUDEnakedNUDEnakedNUDE or anything even remotely are an asshole!

  3. If you take up two parking spaces for one are an asshole!(unless you have to get your wheelchair out of your car)

  4. If you park in a handicapped space and you are not are an asshole!

  5. If you suddenly stop in the middle of a busy aisle/intersection/hallway and just stand are an asshole!

  6. If you complain about the government, yet don't are an asshole!

  7. If you believe everything your government tells are an asshole!

  8. If you believe Oliver Stone and spout out his theories everywhere you are an asshole!

  9. If you make decisions when you don't know shit about a are an asshole!