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Haiku Corner

I do not consider myself a master of the haiku, but I write them sometimes just for fun. The pattern of haiku, for you newcomers, should always be 5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables. I admit that is easy to do (which is why I can do it). To do it well (like the masters) is something I doubt I'll ever do. But as I said, I do it for fun.

A land of beauty

Water falls down from heaven

To grace Oregon

In the light of dawn

There is the sound of crowing

The morning has come

Ceiling made of wood

Been looking at it too long

Ready to move on

Hear the sound of Earth

Calling out to you o man!

Rejoice in your name!

Frogs will always jump

Into or out of the pond

And so it should be

I really hate it

It is dirty and crowded

You know it's Tokyo!

Wish for wondering

Not wandering all your days

Welcome the changes

In a magazine

I saw a naked lady

But forgot her name